Enjoy the party with Faratuben!

This new hybrid band consists of members, who have played together since 2016. Here they were hired to record an album with up-coming Malian star, Salome Dembele, and the sessions took place in the famous Studio Bogolan in the Quinzambougou part of bustling Bamako. This, of course, led to an album by the band of the newly found Faratuben family entitled Sira Kura, meaning New Direction in the Bambara language.

”We went up to Kati in the lush hills above Bamako. Here we have our rehearsal space among the mango trees, and at night we would come down to the city and play at the various hot spots. We ate, slept, drank, partied and soon felt like a family, like one organism”, says Mikas, who along with Jakob and Mads went to Bamako from Denmark in an exchange program at the CAMM conservatory. Here they also met the acclaimed guitar player and arranger of the Bwa ethnic group, Dieudonne Koita. And soon the real education would happen at the parties and famous weddings, where you play for many hours and learn everything.

You do Faratuben. And you do it well!

The band has already headlined several important events, including this year’s Spot On Mali Music festival, and they are this summer embarking on a tour of Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. Here the audiences will experience a band, whose strength is their diversity of background, and the intelligent ability to create a common and unique music, which has its own identity. Including the special dance, which is a sight to behold, a warm current on stage and all around the room, which you just got to see. Yes, why not hop on the first plane to bustling Bamako to experience it for yourself?

"We chose the name, which is a combination of the Bambara words Farafin (Black) and Tubabu (White) i.e. Faratuben", says Mikas. And genre-wise he states, that the music is original Bobo- or Bwa Music, an incredibly exciting culture from the southern part of Mali, which for long have been discriminated against; but which Faratuben, as well as artists like Ben Zabo and Salome Dembele now casts a spotlight on. Yes, there is so much attention around the deeply funky music, which among the Bamako youths has gained a following, who appreciate not only the music but also the special dance.
Just the sight of Sory Dao’s mesmerizing stage show, the truly virtuoso playing on balafon by the master Kassim Koita or Mikas, who has danced like a devil in Dakar and knows the sabar drum music intimately.
Try to think Talking Heads meeting James Brown in a hot African city, where music which sounds a little like Congolese rhumba and intelligent rhythms moves your feet and hips to a frenzy.

About the Musicians

Mikas Bøgh Olesen

Has played since he was a kid. In a band since he was 6. Educated at the Royal Danish Conservatory at Aarhus/Aalborg. Also known from the Danish Grammy winners, Bangin Bülow’s Nice Jazz Quartet.

Jakob de Place

Has played ska, hip-hop, and reggae and is today a respected drummer,- also in Africa, where drumming is everything! Incredibly versatile and a natural center.

Dieudonne Koita

Was the youngest ever to win in the category Talent Of the Year at the annual Biennal in Mali. Son of Francois Pauene Koita, a pioneer of Bwa Music. Educated at the Malian Conservatory and much-used arranger for among others Ben Zabo.

Sory Dao

Fabulous singer from a village outside of Kati, who is now reaching out for the stars with his amazing voice and unbeatable stage presence.

Mads Voxen

Is a real gospel musician raised in a church. Fantastic in connection with the Christian part of the Bwa Culture. Mads is also a product of the conservatories in Denmark and Mali.

Kassim Koita

4 times voted as Best Balafon Player in Mali. A true virtuoso, who knows all styles and whose lightning speed on the mallets is of another world, non-the-least at the famous Malian weddings. When Kassim shows up he sets everything on fire!